Big Buck Contest 2016

Big Buck Contest Winner 2016

Congrats to our BIG BUCK CONTEST WINNER Wayne B. He’ll take home $1000 Bucks and bragging rights until next year. Thank you to everyone who participated. Enjoy the off season

Every year we do a big buck contest to see who shot the biggest buck in the current season. Winner gets a big prize and all the glory…until the next season.

How to Enter Big Buck Contest & Rules:

  • $25 Entry fee (Buy in-store)
  • Mule deer only
  • Buck must be shot in BC
  • Must provide valid hunting license
  • Bring skull back for measurements
  • Any entries after the season starts requires hunting booklet to be brought in


  • $1000 Firearm of winner’s choice
  • $1000 Store credit (Never Expire)


* Please contact us if we got your name wrong! Handwriting is a bit hard to read.

  1. Biu Whitehead
  2. Chester Shynkaryk
  3. Arthor Nott
  4. Hunter Nott
  5. Cherisse Bonnes
  6. James Mercer
  7. Wayne Birch
  8. Kenny Sheen
  9. Brock Engelstad
  10. Rob Dauidson
  11. Adam Dodds
  12. Jesse Bates
  13. Dave Burton
  14. Corbin Jacobs
  15. Lyle Beaudoin
  16. Karen White
  17. Matthew Ferguson
  18. Justin Kadyschuk
  19. Dave Kadyschuk
  20. Scott Harrison

21. Riley Duimel
22. Clark Duimel
23. Brandon Olson
24. Josh Jensen
25. David Clark